My name is Daniel Black.

My name is Daniel Black. I am on the internet. I am a person. I am a father and a husband. I was a university student of mathematics (originally math and physics). I am a less formalized student of thinking, of philosophy, of writing, and of how to make decisions.

I have had some kind of website for approaching ten years, mostly on but once or twice off. Despite my expectations to the contrary, I never applied much editorial direction to my writing, which as often as not led me to waste any reader’s time with yet more blathering on some controversial topic of the day. There is a place for that; as of now, this is not that place.

I am a Linux user. I appreciate what Apple rolls out, but I’m much more comfortable in a pretty bare Slackware setup. For most of my tenure as a Slackware user, I used OpenBox as a window manager, but after purchasing my first new computer in a decade, I decided to let KDE tempt me. It’s worked so far.

I won’t say I "enjoy photography." That’s such a castrated statement. I have a camera—a Pentax P3—€”and I’ve started keeping it closer and loaded with film. I recently read Bryan Peterson‘s Understanding Exposure, c. 1990, and as much as it covers fundamentals, it does so in the engaging fashion of learning something slowly and patiently. My camera is a 35mm film camera, and has few automatic functions. Certainly, aperture priority is the most useful of them, but I’ve shot less than a handful of frames on that setting. I’m learning, so the less automation the better.